Artist in residence

Every year, the Association offers an artist the opportunity to live and work for up to a month in our small Swiss mountain village, surrounded by spectacular alpine scenery.
Have you been dreaming of leaving your busy day-to-day routine behind? Of being able to concentrate on a specific art project without distractions? Or do you have a specific project in mind? One that could or should be realized only in the mountains and the great outdoors? Or? ......Well, you tell us!

Your project should in some way relate to Vättis, e.g. the scenery can be a source of inspiration or a stage for artwork. Artists from the fine arts like drawing, painting, photography and sculpting, or those making land-art and installations are welcome. So are writers and composers. All interested artists are invited to submit an application. There are no specifications as to the materials used, the exact location of the art or the date of your stay. The only requirement is that the art can, in one way or another be appreciated for a significant time after your residency, or that it will have some lasting effekt on/for Vättis.

We offer lodging, food, materials and tools during your stay. We help with getting in contact, getting permissions from e.g. land owners, getting the right materials, machines and localities. We take care of publicity in the media and internet. During your stay, we document it on our website. After your stay, we make a page for you that you can use in your own publicity. Usually, we cannot get enough sponsoring to support your travelling expenses or give you money. We will support you where we can when you apply for travelling grants elsewhere.

Here you find documentation about previous projects, here about materials and infrastucture in Vättis (from an old invitation)