The mountain village of Vättis (950m above sealevel) has about 400 inhabitants. It is situated in the Tamina-valley at the junction with the Calfeisen-valley, a large nature-reserve on the border of the Swiss cantons (provinces) of St. Gallen and Grisons.

Art and Crafts in and around Vättis

The people of Vättis have a longstanding tradition in art and craftsmanship. Visitors to the village have long enjoyed close contact with local artists and artisans, and the opportunity to see their work and craftsmanship at first hand. For example, Erhard and Rosemarie Fappani are well-known as painters. Stephan Gort is a wood sculptor who organised the wood sculpting symposium in 2005, and designed the Kulturbrücke. 2009, Gyelt Tuinstra organized the Stone Sculpture Symposium.
Public art can be found around the village as projects by the Sculpture Path Association as well as in the sculpture garden of stone sculptor Gyelt Tuinstra. The Offizin Parnassia keeps alive traditional hand typesetting, linotype printing, lithography and book-binding.