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Sculpture Path Vättis

The twelve sculptures along the gravel road Aslätscha were made during a stone sculpture symposium in the summer of 2009 by twelve sculptors from the whole world. The round trip from the village takes a 30 minute stroll and leads through the beautifull mountainscape around Vättis. There is no entrance fee. The altitude differences are slight.

Coming from the village, you'll find the work of:
Bob Sloan (UK) sandstone, Nuolen (CH); Barbara Willax (Switzerland) marble, Peccia (CH); Roger McFarlane (Australia) marble, Peccia; Hella Horstmeier (Germany) marble, Peccia & iron; Thierry Lauwers (Belgium) limestone, Vättis (CH); Ivan Artimovich (Belarus) Andeer Granite; John Sims (Cyprus) marble, Peccia; Annegret Kalvelage (Germany) sandstone, Nuolen; Roger Loos (USA) marble, Peccia; Rumen Dimitrov (Bulgaria) Andeer & Ticino Granit; Christian Peintner (Austria) sandstone, Nuolen; Carla Molkenboer (Netherlands) sandstone, Nuolen & Muschelkalk, Mägenwil (CH)

The participants alphabetically

Ivan Artimovich Belarus
Rumen Dimitrov Bulgaria
Hella Horstmeier Germany
Annegret Kalvelage Germany
Thierry Lauwers Belgium
Roger Loos USA
Roger McFarlane Australia
Carla Molkenboer Netherlands
Christian Peintner Austria
John Sims Cyprus
Bob Sloan UK
Barbara WillaxSwitzerland

Main Sponsors of the symposium in 2009

Alpine Schule Vättis

Verein für Südkultur

Kraftwerke Sarganserland

Other sponsors